Our Story

Vinatic is a group of friends and colleagues who share a passion for delicious wine and food.

A number of years ago, one of our co-founders, Tiffany, suddenly found herself in the dining industry after plans of pursuing foreign policy. Well, her friends got pretty excited that they finally had a wine expert on hand to help them choose which wines to buy.

Before long, her Blackberry (yes, it was that long ago) was blowing up with text messages on the regular. People were writing at all times of day or night with questions, oftentimes while they were in the shop. “Why don’t you ask the shop attendant, “ you might ask? Tiffany wondered the same. Turns out, it was pretty confusing and scary for many of her friends because everything was made out to be so complicated.

Choosing wine really shouldn’t be this intimidating, so we decided to make wine approachable and relatable again, all without compromising on quality. You can love drinking wine and not know a lot about it. Most people don’t, so you’re not alone! Here’s to introducing the #pragmaticvinatic.